The Young Movers Conference (YMC) is a yearly get-together of young industry professionals from all over the world.

The main purpose of the young movers conference is to offer both an educational and networking environment during which the latest industry trends are exchanged and new business relationships are made.

The Panel at YMC

The main topic of the conference was how technology will affect the moving industry.

So with product like buzzsurvey, why would we not get involved?

Attending YMC was a pleasure because we agree that in order to be successful you need to stay relevant to your new generation of customers by floating on the ongoing & ever growing tech-revolution wave and digitization of the removals industry.

A lot of people may say “Video surveys aren’t going to replace face to face surveys though, are they?”

But this is based on a misunderstanding about what video surveys are for and what the real benefits are.

The ability to offer greater choice and convenience with video surveys is just the tip of the iceberg for removal firms.

The real benefits go much, much deeper.

And that’s because video surveys are not designed to replace physical, face-to-face surveys.

Quite the contrary: they’re designed to complement them.

At the conference we wanted to demonstrate that video surveys are a way to work smarter, not harder but we were also excited to exchange industry knowledge and build new relationships.

So what were Tammy, Neil and Nick’s main take away’s?

Read below to find out.

New Business Relationships Executive

How did you find YMC?

“Young movers 2018 was a blast!

It was very educational because I had a chance to get a real insight into the industry, exchanging and learning the latest industry trends, not to mention making amazing new contacts and renewing existing ones.”

Did it seem a like a conventional conference?

“The chilled atmosphere at the conference gave us a real possibility to network with like minded professionals, who are all looking to improve the future of the moving industry.

The three days where jam packed with activities and events taking place, from chocolate making classes to guided city tours, which compared to conventional conferences was very refreshing!”

How did the photobooth go down?

“Everyone loves a photo (just like me!) so it was cool that everyone had a chance to take home a Polaroid momento of the conference thanks to buzzsurvey.”

What did you learn?

“One thing I have learnt during this trip is that people are open minded about video surveys, eager to learn and move with new disruptive technologies.”

VP of Global Sales

Why did you like YMC?

“YMC was an outstanding experience and an amazing networking opportunity because we met so many friendly new faces from around the world and discussed a variety of subjects naturally dominated by the removals world.

The hotel was really nice and the event organisation was first class. The evening meals were delicious and there was plenty of space to make new introductions over a cold beer, soft drink or glass of wine.”

How was the  Go Active: Air Soft Adventure event?

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get to attend but I was so happy to hear that the Go Active: Air Soft Adventure that we sponsored was sold out.”

What was your favourite event?

“The boat tour in the Port of Antwerp was beautiful trip, especially along the canals. It was fun because we got to meet so many people in a relaxed casual environment aboard a boat.”

“It was interesting to learn about the port of Antwerp from the tour guide and to engage with removal companies from around the world.”

Apart from the breathtaking views, were there any other takeaways?

“Even though it was in a chilled environment it was easy to build new friendships that spanned many continents and business cards were exchanged frequently.”

“The evening event on Friday and Saturday was vibrant and it was great to see colleagues and acquaintances throwing their best dances moves on the dance floor.”

What did you learn in YMC?

“I learned that the removal industry is receptive to disruptive technologies in particular, video surveying.”

Business Development Manager

What were your 3 main takeaways from YMC?

  1. The removal/relocation industry through Germany/Netherlands/Belgium is one that is very open to technology and see the value in a video survey capability.
  2. Maurice Henk from Henk International made the point, which others echoed, that above all else, doing business in those countries is about relationships and working with partners you know you can trust to deliver on services.
  3. No one who is using a video survey platform other than ours (you know who I mean) was entirely 100% happy – there were always things that they felt could be improved.

Who was the best person you met and why?

“Anne Van Gils from Gosselin – she came over to us and thanked us sincerely for our sponsorship and support of the event. She also said we were by far the most engaged, active and creative group at the event.”

To conclude,  we strongly believe that buzzsurvey has and will continue to help and enhance the removals industry.


Because it’s been developed by moving industry experts that know what converts more customers, increases revenues and cut overheads.

That’s why we can say with confidence that this live video surveying tool is the future because it’s been created to help you work smarter, not harder.

So what are you waiting for?

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