Lead Generation can be a great way for removal companies to get more jobs. But some movers are better at it than others.

The following tips have been put together from our most successful removal company partners here at buzzmove. These are the guys who are making the most money from the leads we send them. The more of these tips you can put to use in your business, the better your results from lead generation will be.

1. Call at the right time

When’s the best time to call a new lead? As soon as you get it. That’s when your potential customer has removals on their mind. And when they answer the phone, you get brownie points for the fast response.

  • “It just gives the right impression. You call straightaway and people seem to think, ‘They know what they’re doing’ and that we’re keen for the business.” – Paul Fajemisin, Service Coordinator, FA Removals
  • “It’s just basic marketing, calling the leads quickly. You’ve got to do it because there’s loads of removal companies out there and if you’re not quick enough they’ll go with someone else.” – Steve Thomas, Owner, Four Square Removals

But what do you do if your lead doesn’t answer right away?

At buzzmove, we call our leads once they get matched with removal companies. That’s to check if our removal partners have been in touch yet, and to keep those leads warm if not. Through over 4 months of dedicated and systematic testing, we’ve discovered the best time to call on the same day a lead comes through is between 11am and 3pm.

So if you’re lead doesn’t answer right away, try again between 11am and 3pm. If they don’t answer again, email them and then follow up with a call the next day in the same call window – 11am to 3pm.

If you’re a removal company interested in trying Buzzmove’s service, visit our removal company registration page.

2. Stand out from the competition

When prospective customers get in touch with a removal company, the response they get can make a big difference. For example, sending an email telling your prospective customer not just about your company and why you’re a good choice, but also giving useful information. One of our removal companies offers a link to a quote calculator back on their site in their initial email. Another lets readers know they have the right equipment for keeping larger items properly protected during a move.

Yet another offers a link to a downloadable house removals checklist. Many companies have these on their websites. You might have one as well. But linking back to it in your initial email is a great way to offer extra value to your reader, and give them more confidence that you can provide them with a great moving experience.

What helpful advice can you provide early on? How can you stand out? Think about what concerns your moving customers might have, and come up with promises and information around those.

If you’re a removal company interested in trying buzzmove’s service, visit our removal company registration page.

3. Make a good impression

The impression you make when you turn up to carry out a home survey will pay off in terms of customer reviews and testimonials – not to mention referrals (see point 4, below).

As Gareth Cottam, from Cottam Light Haulage in the West Midlands, explained recently, they turn up to every survey and every job wearing pressed and clean overalls and polished boots. And they make a point of never smoking on a job.

“What we like to think is, ‘If they were coming to my house, would I be happy with the service’. And that’s how we carry out the jobs,” Gareth says.

One removal company from Nottingham leaves a simple flyer with prospective customers once they’ve done a home survey. The front of this flyer has the usual information about the company – who they are, how long they’ve been in business, and so on. But that’s not the clever bit. On the back of the flyer is a kind of moving checklist, including spaces for customers to write in their gas and electricity meter readings on the moving day. So the flyer becomes not just a marketing piece. It’s useful too.

So have a think about how you interact with your prospective customers. Are you doing everything you can to leave a good impression? Are you doing everything you can to be useful and helpful even before you carry out a move?

4. Build referrals and repeat business from your leads

If you follow points 2 and 3, you’ve stood out and made a good impression. You’ve won the business and done a great job. But what next?

We’ve noticed that those removal companies who sometimes struggle with making money from using lead generation tend not to have a system in place for referrals and repeat business. Instead, they look at each job as a one off. But if you do that, you’re missing out on loads of potential work.

“We did a move back in the early days of taking buzzmove leads for a job in West London. This customer then went on to recommend us to one of her colleagues who we then moved from London to Swindon. That’s the power of treating our customers fairly and being transparent in all our dealings and costings.” Steve Thomas, Four Square Removals

Do you have a system in place where you ask for referrals from happy customers? Do you follow up with commercial clients to seek our repeat business? Those buzzmove removal partners who convert the most leads also tend to be good at getting referrals.

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5. Measure your return on investment in the longer term

Lead generation can be a very positive thing, but a lot of removal companies don’t stick with it. They have a bad month or two and then they give up. But if you look at lead generation from one month to the next, you’ll fail.

As one removal company told us, “Movers that do this – that’s why they won’t succeed – because they don’t have patience. I’ve seen it a thousand times.”

So, there you have it. These are the 5 habits of highly successful removal companies when it comes to converting leads into paying jobs. These aren’t our tips, remember. They come from successful removal firms just like yours.

Follow some of these, and you’re sure to supercharge the returns you get from using our site – and probably other lead generation sites as well, for that matter.

If you’re a removal company interested in trying buzzmove’s service, visit our removal company registration page.