Menno has worked in moving and relocations for 25 years, holding leadership roles at some of the world’s biggest movers. Currently, he oversees our video-survey department, ensuring great customer service and high conversion rates for clients worldwide.

The moving industry faces greater pressure on margins than ever before, with growing numbers of international moves and low-volume corporate relocations to contend with. At the same time, movers must adapt to changing consumer behaviours – including a demand for superior customer service and shorter turnaround times.

Technology is rarely a silver bullet, but openness to new ways of doing things is the only sure-fire way to edge your competition in the long run. At buzzsurvey, we are committed to helping moving companies create business advantage through video survey.

Here are three reasons why you should take notice:


1. Video brings vital efficiency savings

Doing surveys remotely saves you money, time and fuel. Our in-house experts estimate you can survey home-movers at twice the rate with video as face-to-face. And, if you’re not having to drive to customer locations, you can do your bit for the environment too.

2. Video helps you win more business

Video gives you a realistic chance to survey, quote and convert customers before rival surveyors have so much as fired up their car engines. For busy, city-dwelling customers – an increasingly large component of many movers’ pipelines – this can be the not-so-secret secret to winning more jobs.

3. Focus on the higher-margin work that’s the core of your revenue

Video is not all about cost-savings. By helping you clear low-priority jobs in double time, video can be your secret source of extra capacity where your competitors have none.

These are three tried-and-tested ways to make video surveying an effective complement to your face-to-face surveying effort. To help you find the sweet spot for video deployment at your business, our experienced in-house surveyors provide on-going support with training and implementation, reflecting the fact that no two movers are the same. Once you’ve unlocked your video advantage – how video can generate more revenue for you and your business – you can reap the benefits at scale.


What buzzsurvey can offer

Arm your surveying team with the power of video survey – to save time, cut costs and focus on winning the highest-value jobs.

Or, outsource your video surveys to the buzzsurvey team so that you can offer your customers truly on-demand pre-move surveys, including after work and at the weekend. One of our seasoned in-house surveyors will take care of everything for you, sending you a finished recording and survey report.

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