We created buzzsurvey to help removals companies win and convert more leads. And in our years working in the moving industry, we’ve learnt a thing or two about leads

Here are six of our top tips for turning the water of an enquiry into the wine of a paid job.

1. Some simple housekeeping

It’s vital that you are aware of a lead as soon as it reaches your inbox, so it’s a good idea to set up an email alert on your phone. If you only check your emails periodically then this first step is especially important, as any delay between you receiving the lead and contacting the customer may result in the customer opting for a removal service that was quicker to the punch.

You should also ensure that you are not calling from a private number, as some customers may ignore, or even block, such calls.

2. Early bird catches the lead

To give yourself the best chance at converting, you should always aim to be the first service to contact the customer. Use all three means of contact (phone, text and email) as soon as you receive the lead to increase the likelihood of the customer choosing your company for the job

If you’re too busy to type out an email or message, try your best to phone the customer ASAP as this is traditionally the best way of converting a lead.

3. No answer? Keep trying

If the customer doesn’t answer or respond immediately, don’t assume that they’ve chosen another service or are no longer wishing to move. In all likelihood, the customer is simply busy at the time or away from their phone, and if you keep trying you’ll soon get through to them.

4. A home survey goes a long way…

We know that it can be difficult to quote for a job without having visited the property yourself. This is why we recommend carrying out a home survey so that you can set the price accordingly. This gives you a better idea of the volume of the move, if there are any awkward steps, available parking and other variables.

Importantly, this also gives you a chance to sell your service in person, making it more likely that you get the job.

Of course, these days a more efficient option is to carry out a video survey. This is where you call a prospect on their smart phone. They open the survey app on their phone, and they connect with your surveyor on a video call.

This gives your surveyor the chance to create that close personal connection, before getting your prospect to show them around the property. You’ll see exactly what they need to move, and you’ll be able to calculate the volume later by reviewing the recorded video of the call.

Our video survey clients are reporting an average conversion rate from video to job of around 40% – almost the same as face to face, and for a lot lower cost.

Hear from movers that are using buzzsurvey in our buzzsurvey case study section.

5. Send that quote over

As soon as you are in a position to offer a quote, go ahead and do it.

Nobody likes hidden charges, so be upfront with your customer and give them a breakdown of the quote if possible. If they are reluctant to accept the price and terms immediately, let them know that you’ll give them a call once they’ve had a chance to think about it, and that you’re available to answer any questions which they may have.

6. The follow-up call…

Now that the customer has your quote, it is vital that you make the follow-up call. This is your chance to answer any queries that the customer may have, and the best opportunity to clinch the job.

To summarise:

  • Set up an email alert on your phone, and ensure that you are not calling from a private number
  • Contact the customer immediately, using all available forms of contact
  • If the customer doesn’t respond or answer, keep trying. Chances are they are busy
  • Always try and book a home or video survey
  • Send a quote as soon as you can, and include all charges
  • Make a follow up call, and confirm the job


buzzsurvey is committed to transforming moving firms through technology. We can help you win more business, at lower costs, through a combination of face-to-face and video surveying. For more on the benefits, and how to implement video survey within your organisation, read our recent interview with buzzsurvey’s Head of Training and Implementation.