Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush. Some people are way too trusting when it comes to what they leave lying around the house!

All the examples you’ll read about have come from real items our removal company partners have found while helping clients and customers to move home.

I have to stress, these are things that were all just lying out in the open unpacked for anybody to find!

Luckily, our removal partners are discreet, so there will be no naming of names.

But really though, guys. Just put this stuff somewhere safe during a move, will you?


1. Bricks of Marijuana

You and me, we’re people of the world. What’s the big deal?

But we’re not talking a few small bags of weed here – we’re talking about huge blocks of cannabis resin which somewhat stretch the definition of “personal use”.

Here’s what one of our removal company bosses told us:

“It’s common to find marijuana lying around for a lot of house moves. But on this occasion it was a huge great brick of the stuff! And we just can’t pack that in the van. Removal vehicles get searched a lot, and we’re partially liable for anything we carry.

“We also do work at some sensitive government sites where they have sniffer dogs on the way in. One whiff of this stuff and it’s goodbye lucrative government contract! No thanks.”

Cocaine found during house moves

2. Lines of Cocaine

Taking a step up (or should that be down?) from our last entry, we have lines of coke discovered in a mover’s bathroom. Here’s the story:

“We were doing a move for some Eastern European girls living in London. They were very nice and everything, but not what you’d call talkative. Anyway, I went into their bathroom to pack their makeup and shampoo and other bits and pieces, and there on the top of the toilet cistern was a couple of lines of coke.

“Weird, right? I mean, you’d think one of them would have at least sniffed them before we started packing…”

Sex toys

3. Sex Toys

From what we’re being told, there’s a plastic-based sexual revolution sweeping the nation.

Apparently, what started as the occasional bit of fun has now turned into a UK-wide epidemic…

“I used to pay my moving guys a bonus of £20 every time they found a sex toy at a client’s house and took a selfie of themselves with it,” says one removal company boss.

“But now we find so many I’ve had to stop paying out – otherwise I’d go bankrupt!

“And it’s never the ones you’d suspect who leave these things lying around either. Tends to be older women… very proper… honestly, you’d be surprised…”


4. Guns

We don’t hear so many stories about our removal guys finding guns during house removals. But they do happen from time to time. Like this example…

“Once we found a shotgun. I think they had a permit for that and it was all above board, so we took it. But another time we found a pistol. It wasn’t a replica or anything, you could tell by the weight of it.

“I checked to see if it had been deactivated by looking down the barrel, but you could see the bore went all the way down. So I had to say to the client, ‘I’m sorry, we can’t pack that. You’ll have to carry it in your handbag’.”

Now, that begs two questions:

  1. You only thought the shotgun was legit? You weren’t 100% sure?
  2. What were you doing looking down the barrel of a gun to see if it was live?

We haven’t managed to get answers to those questions yet. But watch this space…

Now, some of these items we’ve talked about are downright illegal. And we can’t give advice about what to do with stuff like that because we don’t want to get in trouble.

But here’s some advice we can give…

Yes, a good removal company is discrete. And yes they’ll do a great and efficient job of packing your belongings for you.

BUT… if you have anything sensitive or embarrassing you want to move… whether that’s dodgy magazines, sex toys, or maybe a prescription for your thrush… you might want to pack those things yourself rather than just leave them lying around for people to find.