In honour of World Health Day earlier this week, we’re posting on hilarious (but entirely unfatal) moving accidents. Some people prefer to move their own belongings; it’s cost effective and seemingly not too difficult. However, in the following 3 cases it would have been better to consult the professionals. We pray that you avoid these classic mistakes and stay stress-free on moving day!

1. Out of Tune

With the times and safety requirements. There really isn’t much to say about this. It’s a classic example of why professional piano movers exist. If you’re watching this and thinking of moving your piano, do check our website for specialist and insured piano mover quotes instantly to avoid accidents like this.

2. The Last Laugh

While, here at buzzmove, we’re all about laughs and making moving fun (like it’s supposed to be), this was so obviously not a good idea from the start. Unless you want your belongings decorating the floor in pieces, it’s probably best to move them the traditional way, and buzzmove can help with that.

3. Bigger Ain’t Always Better

As much as we trust our professionals, there are just some instances where they fall short too. This is the classic case of “huge removal truck meets bridge and … shies away”.

So the moral of the story is that, as capable as you are, it’s probably best to consider moving items such as these professionally or to at least ensure you’ve researched other options thoroughly. Moving home with any of these items? Check out and book the smart way – get up to 6 online removal quotes from our trusted partners now.