Today we meet Menno Martens, Head of Video Surveying at buzzsurvey

Menno has held a number of leadership roles across the moving and relocation industry in his 18 year career. He runs our video survey department, helping to ensure great customer service and high conversion rates to clients in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

So Menno how did you get into the moving industry?

In my final year at university I was assigned to write a business plan for a local moving company. Once I had successfully completed my assignment and graduated, the owner of the company asked me if I had any plans to start my career. I said I hadn’t given it any thought yet so he handed me the keys to one of the trucks, and said I could work my way up starting from today. I spent a good 3 years on the road before progressing into project management and surveying. What I learnt was invaluable.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve moved?

Over the years I have moved many antiques, grand pianos, vintage cars and even small aircrafts, but the strangest thing I have ever moved has got to be an 8ft gold-plated Elvis statue.

How has the industry changed since you first started in moving?

The industry has changed considerably since I first started. We did not think twice about climbing wobbly loft ladders, and did many more things in violation of today’s H&S legislation.

In your opinion how has technology helped the industry?

Technology has obviously helped the industry an enormous amount but I guess you would have had to be there to realise just how much. Just think about having to courier all documentation across to your destination office to facilitate customs clearance. Nowadays most documentation can simply be scanned and e-mailed across in a matter of seconds. And of course the progression from handwritten survey reports to PDA’s, then tablets and now.

Key insights in to buzzsurvey

Customer questionnaire

We think it’s important to get the customers feedback because, after all, the app is all about making their lives easier. Each time our surveyors finish a survey the customer is given a few questions to answer. Here’s how the results currently stand:

  • Rate your surveyor – 4.87 out of 5
  • Video Quality – 4.66 out of 5
  • How likely are you to recommend a video to a friend? – 4.75 out of 5

Surveyors of the Week

Each week one of our team is awarded surveyor of the week. This is to drive quality, instill some healthy competition, and recognise and reward consistency.

The award is based on how personable, professional, knowledgeable and sales-minded the team are, not to mention that all important parameter: accuracy. A special congratulations to Paul Howard, Andrew Kelly and Sam Jones who have won multiple times!