There’s so much to consider when moving home:

Getting insurance, setting up a re-directory for mail with the post office,  taking final meter readings, changing your details on the electoral roll, notifying the TV licencing company about your change of address, moving your digital TV and broadband to your new address, informing your car insurance about your new address, notifying your banks, sorting packing material, actually packing, getting all the right keys from the previous owner… the list really does go on!

Not to worry, because most people do most of these things when they get to their new home… apart from one thing that’s often overlooked, yet tends to be the most essential:

Securing a perfect removal company.


Because it’s vital you match with a professional and vetted removal company so you can be rest assured that the specialist have got all the hard work covered.

What’s the best way to do it?

Learn a bit about their professional history, values and ethos.

Read below to find out who PSS are and if they’d be perfectly suited to you.

What does PSS stand for?

First and foremost: Quality! It also stands for Personal Shipping Services.

How many years have PSS been around?

36 years.

What have you learnt along the way?

Moving overseas is extremely stressful especially for first time migrants. As we are usually the last migrant service a client will use. That means we have to ensure that we are sympathetic to their needs. We always try to be understanding and try and help as much as possible when we do the move.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever moved?

A World War 2 ambulance was one that we actually shipped; however we  have been asked to ship a number of strange items that we were unable to as customs would not allow them in at destination!

We’ve become experts over the years on what goods are prohibited or restricted. This has saved our customers a painful battle with customs which can sometimes lead to a hefty fine, their item being returned to their old home or it being destroyed!

 This is especially case with the UK’s unfortunate past reputation with foot and mouth etc. There are other items which may have the potential to incur additional charges or delays in customs so find out the regulations for your country. Ask your removal company for advice.

Items to be wary of:

• New goods or those less than 12 months old – These may incur import duties in many countries.

• Prohibited and restricted goods – These differ for every country so check beforehand. For example, Australia and New Zealand – Wicker, cane and bamboo is classed as restricted as these items may be a biosecurity risk. If not processed sufficiently may contain boring insects, fungi, and other contaminants that have the potential to introduce exotic pests and diseases.

• Food & plants – Generally not allowed in order to protect native species and avoid the spread of diseases.

• Alcohol / Wine – Can be more trouble than it’s worth with import duties etc. Best save it for your farewell party! If you do have an expensive wine collection then it is possible in some countries to avoid duty if you have the relevant certification.  Talk to your removal company to get the best advise.

• Gas canisters and flammable items are not normally accepted by shipping companies if the intention is to ship these with your personal effects. If you do have any items like this please talk to your removal company as there are other options available.

• Lawn mowers, garden tools, golf clubs, bicycles and camping gear especially ground sheets and tents –These items can be sent; however it is important that they are properly cleaned before you ship them. Upon arrival it is possible for the country’s agricultural or quarantine department to instruct these items to be fumigated or cleaned. That means an additional fee maybe applicable at destination.

What kind of events / celebrations / awards do you do in-house for your staff?

PSS believe in recognising our staffs achievements – our reputation depends on the work they do!  We have a weekly prize  for the staff member who has been voted for by their peers for outstanding contribution for the week. We also have prizes for staff who consistently receive good feedback from clients, and we regularly have team building events.

How many removals did you carry out last year?

Just over 5000 moves.

How has buzzsurvey helped your business?

It has allowed us to engage with a lot more clients and achieve a better understanding of their needs. This also gives us a more accurate insight into what they are looking to send abroad. A face to face dialogue enables the client to ask as many questions as they may have. It also helps them to build confidence in the individual conducting the survey.

What’s the most popular destination to ship to at the moment? Has it changed over the years?

Definitely Australia and NZ seem to be the choice destinations and have been for the last 10-15 years.

Why did you start teddies travels?

It all started 20 years ago when the company began doing a number of exhibitions and we found it a great way to keep the young children occupied whilst we spoke to mum and dad. It has now grown to having clients send us photos from abroad with their teddy getting involved in numerous activities. We have now set up an Instagram account for Teddies Travels to share his adventures.

Why should anyone choose PSS over another international removal company?

Besides having all the necessary accreditation’s, we are a family run business who understand that moving abroad is one of the most stressful things you may have to do. If you opt to send your personal belongings, especially any sentimental items, you want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company who understands your needs and requirements. We have also a great reputation in the industry for retaining staff, meaning they have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with international moves.


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