As part of our new #meetthemovers series, the buzzsurvey team interviewed John Moynes of PSS International about international moves and how video surveying has helped to improve customer experience.

Who are PSS International?

PSS was founded over 30 years ago to help international backpackers in the UK get their stuff home. To this day, the company remains focused on international moves – from the UK to pretty much anywhere round the globe.

Who are buzzsurvey?

buzzsurvey is reinventing relocations through video technology, allowing you to survey any prospect remotely – all they need is a smartphone. This saves movers a huge amount of time, fuel and personnel costs. But there’s more. It enables you to offer your customers the sort of hyper-convenience they’ve come to expect as the norm: pre-move surveys whenever they want them, wherever they want them and without a physical surveyor having to come into their home.

How is buzzsurvey supporting PSS?

buzzsurvey provides PSS with a full surveying service. Our experienced team of in-house surveyors take care of customer service and cubing, dispatching a finished cube-sheet to PSS for the next stage of the move. This way, PSS staff can spend less time driving too and from customer sites, and more time running the business – safe in the knowledge that their prospects are in capable hands. And this includes times outside the usual 9-to-5 working week.

What is the future of the moving industry?

The way companies communicate with their clients is changing, for every industry. Nowadays, moving customers want answers, quotes and jobs now now now. So, it’s important for movers to make themselves available across as many platforms as possible and to maximise their opportunities for engaging customers – before someone else does it instead.


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