“It’s £120 to carry out a face-to-face survey… even then you’re not guaranteed to win the job.” Thomas Long, TLC Movers

TLC Movers are a removal company that specialises in moves to and from Europe, including Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France and Spain. Based in the Cardiff area, the company moves customers to Europe from across the UK, including as far afield as Sheffield, Aberdeen and London – something they can now do much more effectively using remote video survey technology. In this short case study, we look at how they’ve cut time and costs, won more business and converted more inquiries to jobs.


What drew TLC to start using video surveys?

“We saw you at the Movers and Storers Show in November,” says Thomas Long, Transport Manager at TLC Movers.

“Initially we were sceptical about whether video surveying would be useful for our business, but since we started using it it’s been very beneficial.”

Based in Cardiff, TLC carries out moves from the UK to mainland Europe – and “backloads” taking belongings from mainland Europe back to the UK. For customers based in the local Cardiff area, the company saw no need for video surveys. Where the technology has proved more useful is for surveying the properties of UK movers from further afield.

Thomas explains:

“When you add up all the costs, it could be £120 just to go and carry out a face-to-face survey. And even then you’re not guaranteed to win the job.

“Where video surveys have proved most useful is for customers further afield. We’ve been able to survey people as far away as Sheffield and even Aberdeen, accurately price the move and then win the job without even having to travel there until move day.”

Video surveying helps with clients further afield

Winning more customers from across the UKHaving discussed TLC’s challenges with winning jobs from prospective customers they couldn’t easily reach for face-to-face surveys, we talked to TLC about other ways they could benefit from using video surveys.

Because TLC has a small number of surveyors responsible for booking and arranging moves and surveys, they were using a lot of time of surveying that could be better spent on following up with customers and closing jobs.

So we suggested that they try our full-service survey option, where our BAR-accredited surveyors carry out video surveys, cube the job and send over the information for TLC to work out pricing.

Video surveys help TLC be more accurate

“It’s a great time saver”

How video helped TLC win more jobs while saving time and money

Saving time and money

“It’s a great time saver,” Thomas says. “I don’t have to leave the office anymore to go out and do those long-distance surveys. Which also saves us money, of course.”

Winning more jobs

The company has won several jobs taking loads back to the UK from Europe. “We won a couple of people already on backloads,” Thomas says.

On the whole, video allows TLC to win more of these backload jobs. They can now carry out surveys for customers in mainland Europe that would have been impossible for them to do personally before. They can also survey UK from outside their local Cardiff area, enabling them to access more prospective movers than ever before.

And the increased convenience for customers is a benefit too. “It’s much easier now to work around people’s schedules, having you guys do surveys on our behalf in evenings or at the weekend – whenever they like,” Thomas adds.

A 50% average conversion rate

Despite only starting to use buzzsurvey around the Christmas period, the response from customers was very enthusiastic.

“We won 90% of people who did video surveys over Christmas,” Thomas adds. “That’s partly the nature of people moving at that time of year – they’re just more likely to convert, to be honest.

“At the moment we’ve got lots of people who’ve done video surveys who aren’t moving until March or April, but looking at the number so far, I’d say we’re averaging almost 50% conversion from video to a job.”

Great response from customers

“We’ve had good responses back from customers. You explain about the video survey and they go, ‘ooooh, that’s good’,” Thomas says. “And it is good. It’s good to keep up with technology.”

Accuracy and professionalism of the buzzsurvey surveyors

The company also values the accuracy of the cubing carried out by buzzsurvey’s professional surveyors. “It’s good because we can re-watch the videos and see exactly what to expect before sending our staff out on the job,” Thomas says.

“And your cubing is accurate. Plus it’s good to be able to rely on surveyors with BAR training in practical estimating. I can always be confident of them doing a good job for us.”

“No surprises”

“It’s really useful for staff to show them the video recording of the survey. Then they know exactly what to expect and there are no surprises. They’re properly prepared,” Thomas says.

“Before, I’d be doing surveys and I’d take along my tablet only to find there’s no internet connection,” Thomas explains. “Or if I was in a hurry I’d forget my tablet. Either way, I’d end up having to jot notes down on paper. Then sometimes I would lose that piece of paper, or end up not being able to read my notes properly. So we might end up sending too many boxes for the job – things like that.

“With video, it’s easier to be much more organised.”

How do TLC see themselves using video surveys in the next 12-18 months?

“It’s still the quiet season now,” Thomas says. “Despite that, we’re getting quite a few video surveys come through. We have to see how it develops, but we’d expect to at least double the number of video surveys in the summer when it’s peak moving season.”

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About TLC Movers UK LTD

TLC Movers UK LTD is a family-run company based in Cardiff Bay, South Wales, offering European removal and storage services. With over 10 years of experience in removals, TLC Movers offers a professional and efficient removal service to clients all around Europe.

As a family-owned removal and storage company in the UK, TLC Movers is founded on the principles of giving customers friendly and efficient home removals, as reflected by their high customer satisfaction ratings and reviews.

TLC has access to removals and transport network of over 500 vehicles spread across Europe every day, meaning they can arrange any removal – whatever size you need.