1. Book more video surveys and make more sales

Our operating hours are 7am -10pm Monday to Friday and 9am-3pm on weekends. This means you can book more video survey instead of missing out on a potential job because the customer or yourself was unavailable.

This works whether you do your own DIY video surveys or take full-service surveys from us.

For full-service clients we’re offering “just in time” scheduling too – a great option for when you need out-of-hours support. This means that your customer can book a survey at 6pm, say, for an hour ahead. Our surveyor does the survey for you by 7pm, and you get the recorded video and the cubed inventory by 9am the next day.

2. Saves time & fuel costs

Normally in order to create an accurate inventory you would have to travel to the movers house and carry out a survey at a time convenient for you both. This is not only time consuming but it also results in high fuel costs which is damaging to the environment and to your pocket. Our video survey only takes 15 minutes.

3. DIY and Full Service video surveys for all your business needs

Our removal companys’ feedback conveys that our video survey tool is simple for surveyors and customers to start a survey.

It begins with a white-labelled text to the customer’s mobile phone which is branded with your company name. The customer then clicks a link in the text to download the buzzsurvey app via the App Store or Google Play Store. Just before your survey is due, the customer gets a text with a link to start the survey.

We also offer website integration which allows you to advertise video surveys directly to your customers on your site. All you do is plug this into your existing website, and your customers will be able to ask for, schedule and book a video survey in just 3 clicks.

4. UK-based surveyors to carry out full-service surveys

We have 9 full-time UK surveyors. On top of this, we have 6 expert cubers and, acting as quality control officer, Industry Veteran Menno Martens.

You can meet some of our surveyors here.

5. High conversion rate from survey to job

Here at buzzsurvey we’ve created a tool for one main reason:

To enhance your removal business for the better.

buzzsurvey is shaking up the removal industry because you can secure more jobs that you normally wouldn’t have the resources to close with our extended operating hours that’s convenient for the customer and you both.

Because our surveys are recorded and saved, you’ll have access to our cubed inventory to ensure accuracy. Another bonus is the assurance that the customer isn’t over or under quoted and also it can track last minute changes in real-time.


Why not try a free demo of buzzsurvey in your business? There’s no cost. It takes an average of 20 mins to run through all the features and benefits. And you’re under no obligation to continue.