Against a backdrop of mounting margin pressure and rapidly changing home-mover expectations, we are committed to transforming moving companies through technology. And we believe the survey represents the key battleground for the future of the moving industry — it is, after all, your number-one opportunity to win new business.

This is why, back in 2016, we launched buzzsurvey, a video tool that makes it possible for moving professionals to survey their customers remotely. Our ambition was to bring the pre-move survey into line with the sorts of 24/7, on-demand services that today’s consumers have come to expect as the norm. With buzzsurvey, all you require to get surveyed is a smartphone and an Internet connection. And there’s no need for anyone to physically enter your property.

How Video Surveys Benefit Movers Like You

Video surveys are great for movers too, bringing with them all manner of efficiency savings. Doing surveys remotely takes less time, and therefore costs less money, than doing them face-to-face. By our estimates, you can survey home-movers at twice the rate using video as you can conduct surveys the old way. Moreover, you can save substantially on the fuel cost of having a surveyor drive to a job in person, and do your bit for the environment while you’re at it.

But the real game is not about boosting survey volume or cutting survey costs — it’s about converting more jobs. And this is where video gets exciting, because it breaks the reliance on the traditional 9-to-5 working day of the professional surveyor, giving busy customers — what other kind is there, these days? — more options for getting the survey done and dusted.

This sort of on-demand convenience, the convenience of doing it on your smartphone, is especially beloved of millennial home movers and city workers, who represent a growing share of moving companies’ business. And this means that, if you have a video option, you get a realistic chance to survey, quote and convert these customers before rival surveyors have so much as fired up their car engines.

This isn’t to say that video is always the survey format that’s going to win you the job. There are other customer demographics, and other move types, where hyper-convenience is less of a factor. But even here, having a video-survey option can still indirectly help you out.

Look at it this way. There’s nothing worse than being understaffed when a must-win job comes along, the sort of job where you want your best surveyor there in person to seal the deal. However, if you’ve got video in the mix, you can effectively create additional face-to-face capacity on the fly, by clearing the lower-priority jobs in half the time it would normally take you.

Generate the Greatest Return on Video Surveying

The key question with video is less whether it should be part of your surveying arsenal than how exactly you should use it to generate the biggest return.

In our experience, success here is all about combining video effectively with your existing face-to-face efforts. It is about matching survey formats to different customer segments based on conversion rates and move value. The better integrated your marketing and your operations, the better your results will be. And to find that sweet spot for growing revenue — which is different for every single business — you must be prepared to tolerate a level of trial and error along the way. However, once you’ve found it, the benefits are yours to reap at scale.

So, selecting your video-survey tool is only the first step in a longer journey of development and support — and this is an area we’ve invested in heavily at buzzsurvey.

Our expert in-house surveyors set us above the competition in terms of understanding the needs, requirements and processes of surveyors out in the field and reflecting these in our video software. buzzsurvey really is designed by moving people for moving people, and we use our huge knowledge base to support our clients however they wish to work with us.

If you want to conduct video surveys yourself, our dedicated implementation manager can advise on the most appropriate use cases for your business, drawing on expertise assembled in 20 years of working directly for some of the biggest names in moving. Alternatively, you can outsource your video surveys to the buzzsurvey team, and one of our seasoned in-house surveyors will take care of everything for you, sending you a finished recording and survey report.

A key reason for choosing the outsourced option is that you can win business out of hours. The buzzsurvey team works weekday evenings and weekends, so that you truly can offer surveys on demand to your moving prospects. And, because we know as well as anyone that the only good survey is one that yields a job, we strive to leave every transferee we survey with an overwhelming preference to move with the company we’re representing.

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First published in the Portal Magazine, April 2019