More and more removal and relocation companies are choosing to try video surveying. And one of its most popular uses is for carrying out 3rd party surveys.

The benefits of 3rd party surveys are clear, which is why so many firms already do them. First, companies can offer surveys out of hours. Second, they’re great for overflow surveys where capacity is an issue. This means any relocation firm can offer 100% availability – the ultimate convenience for busy customers and corporate clients.

Swap out face to face surveys for remote video surveying, and you get all of these benefits plus a much lower cost.

We recently spoke to Grant Hodgkins, Senior Project Manager of Pearson. Grant and his company have been using video software for 3rd party surveys for several weeks, and we wanted to get Grant’s take on the benefits of video surveys in his own words.

What challenges are you facing in your business that you think video surveys can help with?

Average move sizes are diminishing but more and more people are moving. A company often has to balance out the costs of sending a surveyor to a property against the potential return on that job if the client books at all.

Potential returns will usually diminish as the volume diminishes, and hence the willingness to perform physical surveys throughout the industry is decreasing rapidly. Video surveys are much quicker and far cheaper than a physical survey, thus increasing the willingness to survey a client once again, regardless of the client’s volume.

Add to this the benefit of out of hours surveying, recorded surveys and being able to perform a survey wherever has an internet connection; then you’re really on to a winner.

Being a company that specialises in moving people all around the World, there’s always places that just simply are no go areas for surveyors. If there’s internet, then there can be a survey.

Are you seeing/anticipating more demand in the market for video surveys, for example from millennials or from corporate clients?

Definitely! They’re more private as well, given that you don’t have to invite a stranger into your home. Not so much from corporate clients as many have certain contracted requirements, many of which tend to be a physical survey. It will be a number of years I think before we see that change.

You seem mainly to be keen on us doing full service surveys on your behalf. What are the main benefits to you of full service surveys?

We have the largest moving sales force in the country, and one of the largest in the World. Especially at this time of year, anything that can reduce time is a big bonus, as we’re getting in around 5000-6000 enquiries per month.

How much does it cost you on average to carry out a face to face survey?

In main European Cities, usually €50-€100, €150 for regular areas, and €250 for out of the way or hard to reach spots, and those are generous prices given the volume of trade work we generate.

How do you see yourselves extending your use of video surveys in the near future – say the next 6-12 months?

Fingers crossed drastically I hope. We aim to be a company that moves with the times, which is often not the case in this industry. Once we start seeing an upturn in bookings or consistent volumes/reports from the video surveys, I’m confident we’ll begin advertising it on our website.