Top 5 Gobuzzsurvey features, according to our removal company clients

Here are the top features of our Gobuzzsurvey video survey tool for removal and relocation companies, as named by our current clients.

1. Easy inventory tool

With the easy search function on our inventory tool, you can cube as you survey. No more frantic scrolling down an inventory list to search for an item whilst also trying to talk to your customer.

With Gobuzzsurvey, you can cube each item in seconds with our inventory search bar feature. Or you can wait to cube the job when you re-watch the video later.

2. Easy to use for you and your customers

Feedback from our removal companies is that it’s simple for surveyors and customers to start a survey. It begins with a whitelabelled text to the customer’s mobile phone that is branded with your company name. The customer then clicks a link in the text to download the Gobuzzsurvey app via the App Store or Google Play Store.

When it’s time for the survey to start, the customer gets another whitelabelled text to start the survey. They click the link in the text, which opens the survey app and they get the call from you – or from us if it’s a full-service survey. Then you (or our professional surveyors if full-service) talk the customer through the survey once they answer the call.

3. Book more video surveys and make more sales

Our website integration allows you to advertise video surveys directly to your customers on your site. All you do is plug this into your existing website, and your customers will be able to ask for, schedule and book a video survey in just 3 clicks.

This works whether you do your own DIY video surveys or take full-service surveys from us.

Those of our clients who we’ve done this integration for say that it has made their lives a lot easier. The process is smoother and quicker for your customers.

And for full-service clients we’re offering “just in time” scheduling too – a great option for when you need out-of-hours support. This means that your customer can book a survey at 6pm, say, for an hour ahead. Our surveyor does the survey for you by 7pm, and you get the recorded video and the cubed inventory by 9am the next day.

4. Customer reviews

Many of our moving clients asked us to build in an automatic customer review of the video experience into our smartphone app. So we did.

All your iPhone customers who take a video survey with you – whether you do it or we carry it out for you – are asked to rate the experience, how well the surveyor did, and whether they would recommend the service to a friend. They rate these points out of 5.

This will allow you to get a really good picture of how your surveyors do and how your customers are responding to video surveys.

5. UK-based BAR-accredited surveyors to carry out full-service surveys

This is a “feature” that I’ve mentioned before. No, it’s not a technical feature per se. But it’s massively popular with those removal companies that use it.

Basically, it allows removal companies to outsource their video surveys to our experienced, BAR-accredited surveyors. We have 8 full-time UK-based surveyors, plus 3 remote surveyors based in other parts of the world to help provide us with full out-of-hours coverage.

Between them, these surveyors have over 100 years of real industry experience gained at some of the world’s leading removal and relocation companies. They are all either accredited by or in training with the British Association of Removers (BAR). We also have a Quality Control Officer who checks the quality of each and every survey we do.

You can meet some of our surveyors here.

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