Is the BAR for everyone?

Last week, Tammy Rahman and Charlie Vinall attended the BAR conference annual in Bournemouth.

It was jam packed with delegates, sponsors, speakers and exhibitors.

It was also for a fantastic cause because over £9000 was raised for the Removers Benevolent Association in an auction.

Realistically, there are 100’s of conferences that we could attend this year but BAR was one we knew we couldn’t miss out on.

Read below to find out why.

Charlie Vinall, Head of Sales & Partnerships

Why did you think it was important to attend?

Because it’s got the most respectable and knowledgeable companies in the industry. Not only would we meet influential characters, but we’d actually learn a lot.

What was the conference like?

The conference had a relaxed and friendly environment. We felt as if we could approach anyone comfortably. The atmosphere was great for business and for connecting with new and old friends.

On the second night we had a 1940s themed evening in a tank museum. It was fantastic to see how much effort the majority of attendees put into their fancy dress outfits.

What did you learn?

The conference reinforced my understanding of how important it is to network in the industry, the attendees like seeing a face to put to our brand.

What weren’t you expecting from the conference?

I wasn’t expecting the talks to cover so many topics. There was the opportunity to learn about every aspect moving such as logistic, customers service, storage, packing material, sales and there was even the AGM international.

Who was the best person you met and why?

Simon Weston was a key note speaker. He spoke about his struggles after the Falklands war and his recovery after his ship was hit by a bomb, it was an inspiring speech which helped me see a new perspective on life.

Tammy Rahman, New Business and Accounts Executive

How did you find the BAR get together?

The conference had a very chilled and friendly atmosphere which made it very comfortable for people to approach each other and engage in conversations.

It was my first time at a BAR event, and I must say it gave the opportunity to understand the association and what a difference they make to the British moving Industry.

I was very keen to meet Mr Simon Weston, he speaks about overcoming adversity and positive mental attitude as well as his experiences of being in the public eye for the last three decades. His sense of humour engaging enthusiasm was one of the highlights of the conference. it made me realise how short life can be and to make the most out of every situation with positivity.

What weren’t you expecting?

The 1940’s themed party at the tank museum really exceed my expectations.  Not every day you get to have a meal with tanks parked around you!

It was not only fun but educational, we had guided tours about how soldier lived and fought in the wars in the 1900’s up to our modern troops.

What was your main takeaway from the conference?

One thing I have taken away from this conference is about the people in the moving industry, they are keen to move forward with technology, however, are very proud hardworking people who respect their graft!

Why did you think it was important to attend?

Mainly because we knew our clients were going to be there, so we went there to renew our friendships with then.

Most of the conversations we have with our clients are usually over the phone or via email, so it was refreshing to see them face to face.

It was a way of us letting them know, this is buzzsurvey.

On top of this, it was just nice to get to them on a personal level. It becomes more than just business.

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