Case Study: How Simpsons International Movers is benefitting from using video surveys

Benefits of Gobuzzsurvey
Simpsons have benefitted from using video surveys

Simpsons International Movers are a removal company that carry out domestic and international home and business relocations. Founded nearly 40 years ago in Kent, the company carries out removals across the UK, and to a range of international destinations from continental Europe to Australia.

Why use a video survey tool?

Video surveys enable removal firms to call a customer on their smartphone and talk them round their property to record all the belongings being moved on video.

For Simpsons, the ability to reach more customers was a key reason to trial the technology – as well as its cost-effectiveness.

“We perceived the potential for an out of office hours and out of area surveying system that was relatively cheap and cost effective to use as an added string to our bow,” says Kirk Dugard, Project Manager at Simpsons.

The ability to offer surveys at whatever time clients want – combined with the ability for them to book their survey independently via the Simpsons website – offers a “seamless experience”, Kirk adds:

“These days, increasingly, customers enjoy the effective ‘privacy’ the home video service provides allowing them to have a survey without the physical intrusion into their home.”

Moving video surveys
“Clearly there is a major cost saving” – Kirk Dugard, Simpsons International Movers

Why choose Gobuzzsurvey?

It wasn’t just the software itself that Simpsons found useful. It was the ability to outsource surveys for out of hours and international clients to industry-experienced and professional surveyors that they could trust to represent Simpsons in the best light to its clients.

This was important, because Simpsons switched to using Gobuzzsurvey after trialling another provider previously. As Kirk explains:

“We trialled a video survey service just over a year ago and found the quality of the surveys suspect, so much so that we discontinued offering the service to clients following surveys that produced volumes wildly different to our own surveyors and the inevitable problems associated to this. We have so far found the quality of Buzzmove’s surveying staff to be far superior to our previous experience.”

Benefits of Gobuzzsurvey
“Very easy and efficient to use” – Kirk Dugard, Simpsons International Movers

Benefits Simpsons have experienced

Cost savings

One of the most obvious benefits of using video surveys is the money saved: “Clearly there is a major cost saving for the one-offs out of normal office hours,” Kirk says.

Ease of use

“Our sales team advise the system is very easy and efficient to use,” Kirk adds.

Improved customer experience

For those clients who prefer surveys outside of office hours.

Ability to survey more customers further afield

“The ability to offer clients a survey in their own home at a time to suit them, wherever they are… has been of particular benefit to clients throughout Europe that we would otherwise not have been able to offer a survey service.”

Customers have responded well

“So far, the reports from clients have been encouraging and we hope this trend will continue as we move forward,” Kirk says

How do Simpsons see themselves using video surveys in the next 12-18 months?

“It is relatively early days for us and we’re currently reporting a 25% conversion rate, although we fully expect that figure to grow as times goes on,” Kirk says.

Kirk is also confident that the number of video surveys through the Simpsons website will continue to grow:

“Once the sales team become more accustomed to offering the video survey option I am certain the numbers will increase naturally in the coming months.”

About Simpsons:

Simpsons was founded nearly 40 years ago in North Kent and has grown to become one of the area’s leading removal companies. Simpsons carries out home, office and business removals, as well as relocations throughout Europe and further afield.

The company prides itself on the experience of its well-trained staff, as well as its reliability and trustworthiness. Simpsons can collect, store and manage the relocation or international shipping of your belongings, as well as providing packing materials and packing services.

Simpsons are registered members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and operate to their exacting standards and those of the Trading Standards Institute’s approved Code of Practice.

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