buzzsurvey supports homeless with Christmas fundraising drive

We don’t normally like to dwell on homelessness.

But figures from homelessness charity Crisis show that the number of those sleeping rough in the UK has more than doubled since 2010. And a recent National Audit Office report found that there were 77,240 households in temporary accommodation as of March 2017.

Because buzzsurvey is a company that works in removals – essentially, helping great removal companies move families, couples and individuals into their new homes – we’ve felt for some time that we had a moral obligation to do something to help those less fortunate. To help those who don’t have homes of their own.

So we decided to ask our removal company clients and partners to help us raise money for Crisis.

Our initial target is to raise £1,000 by Friday the 22nd December. Though obviously we’d like to go further than this, we’ve set this initial target to help motivate ourselves and our partners.

£1,000 goes a long way at Christmas

For every £26.08 raised, the charity provides one homeless person with 3 warm, nutritious meals (including a Christmas dinner), plus a shower, a change of clothes, medical check-ups and more. Including coaching on housing and seeking work. That’s a lot of benefit for such a small amount!

And it means that just £1,000 will supply all of these benefits to 38 people over the Christmas period.

But how does our campaign work?

It’s not as simple as just asking our removal company clients to donate. Oh no. Instead, we decided to turn it into a bit of a competition.

So, for every video survey a removal company’s surveyors do between now and Friday the 22nd December, we’ll donate £2.50 to the homeless charity Crisis.

And for every full service survey we do, we’ll donate £5.

So, we’ll be doing the donating. But we’ll be doing it as reflection of surveys carried out by our companies.

We’ve set up a scoreboard which we’ll update each week with the running totals of money donated. 

How can you help?

If you’re a removal company and want to help us give 38 homeless people a happier Christmas, and support for the future then all you have to do is use our buzzsurvey video surveying tool.

Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

If you don’t use the video surveys but you’d still like to get involved, you can go straight to the Crisis website to donate right here.

We’ll also be doing some of our own internal fundraising to help bump up the final total.

We believe Christmas should be for everyone. So if you’d like to help, please spread the word for us on Facebook, LinkedIn – or on Twitter using the hashtag #christmasforeveryone

Watch this space for more details as we have them!


buzzsurvey invited to join IAM Technology and Communications Committee

This week, key members of the Gobuzzsurvey team have been visiting the International Association of Movers Annual Exhibition in Long Beach California.

Head of Client Success Menno Martens, Chief Strategy Officer Roelien Ruys and Head of Partnerships Charlie Vinall flew in to California on Sunday the 8th October so they could arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the exhibition to kick off at 10am the next morning.

“We’re here to take care of bizniz”

Having set up the Gobuzzsurvey stand in the exhibition hall…

“Can we interest you in some video surveying technology?”

They were soon attracting a lot of attention from delegates and fellow exhibitors.

Joining the video survey revolution

Roelien even managed to meet up with I.A.M. President Terry Head on Monday evening.

Roelien meets IAM President Terry Head

Then, on Tuesday, great news. We were invited to join the I.A.M. Technology and Communications Committee, a prestigious organisation that meets five times a year to discuss the technology innovations and trends affecting the international moving industry.

It was a great honour for us to be invited, and we’re looking forward to being an active and valuable participant in the committee over the coming years.